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Welcome to Independent Martial Arts (IMA) / Nightingale Shotokan Karate. We are a non-political democratic association/group with a professional approach to teaching traditional “JKA style” Shotokan Karate-do, Karate-jitsu, Karate-jutsu for adults and children. The IMA operates its home dojo from North Bridge Leisure Centre situated in Halifax, England where its chief instructor has trained and taught Martial Arts since 1989. We pride ourselves on being a modern thinking group built on traditional values and has been passionately driven forward by the same individuals for many years.
The IMA and its chief instructor and founder Andrew Nightingale (sensei) are dedicated to teaching and focusing as equally as possible on the values and principles of traditional training whilst upholding the essences of the many different  areas and directions training involves i.e.; tournament style karate, promoting and maintaining the values of sport and good sporting character, general self-defence, practical application,  personal and physical development taken from the formal exercises and  practice routines of the style without losing the combative nature and devastating system which, when necessary, Karate can be.
Over time we hope the student will come to learn, practice, and understand how to approach training while at the same time treating the thing itself and its technical content along with their fellow human beings with great respect. We have a complete beginner package and program available to help encourage commitment to training from the outset at a reduced and reasonable cost which contains everything a new student will need to start training, details of which can be found on the beginner package page. For more information on joining us as an individual, or a new club please contact us.

Nightingale Shotokan Karate and Martial Arts Training in Halifax, Bradford and Huddersfield areas. Classes in Shotokan Karate, Karate-Do, Karate Jitsu, Karate Jutsu. We have a full Martial Arts Class program for Adults & Children of all ages and abilities. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. One to one classes available on a prebooked system only. Please telephone for more details. Sponsored by Profile Driving School.