Can you change tradition without changing or losing the traditional information contained within the original form?



Can you change tradition without changing or losing the traditional information contained within the original form?

A light but thought provoking article to try and stimulate your questions, interpretation and understanding of “your Karate”.

Watch - Enjoy - Be inspired – loosen up your traditional mind – Learn - Relearn - look and understand “Your Karate” for yourself!

“To understand what something is, was, and where it might be heading you might have to learn to understand where and how it came to be what you see today”.This is a great little piece of information which I enjoyed writing to pass along to you, our friend or member of Independent Martial Arts (IMA) in the hopethat maybe it will induce and provoke your thought and how you think about your Karate. Maybe it will bring together a way of thinking of styles, martial roots of technique and how everything is, and can be inter-related and connected regarding training. It hopefully explains how everything should be considered by those training within the traditional forms of Karate. Maybe it’s somewhere to start.

Please find time to watch the accompanying three great pieces of historical film. The film of Masahiko Kimura training his Judo students is a joy to watch displaying a time in history gone by and shows the powerful concentrated judo practice and the man himself responsible for thing most will know as “the figure 4 arm lock, Kimura style”. Once practitioners (Karate-ka) of Shotokan Karate learn to see what’s in their art as a whole and its historical heritage and training values they will see such an abundance of many related things from many different sources. This can only be good and beneficial for all Karate.

I hope the list 1-6 below will help explain my train of thought and close down a little space (a fitting line to use) in order to help you the “Martial Artist” adopt a simpler way of thinking and for you to achieve more from your practice. Please consider the six points below and who knows you might just come up with something similar yourself. Please let me know if you do, I would be interested to read and follow it through.

1) Jigaro Kano starts to convert battle field Ju-jitsu/Jutsu into kodokan judo,
2) Through the Kodokan emerges Masahiko kimura,
3) Masahiko Kimura (judo) v Helio Gracie (Brazillian Ju-jitsu),
4) Kimura beats Helio with a figure four lock named after him which won him the match,
5) Helio Gracie - Brazillian Ju-Jitsu returns to prove itself and later goes on to become the world wide respected combat system as you now know it today,
6) The kimura figure 4 arm lock becomes a stable technique used in the present UFC and MMA full contact disciplines. One could say a full circle!

I know that this is, a very, very brief way of getting to my point, and there is a great deal of historical value around those 100 years or so, but, my point for thought is this, there are numerous references via body shapes and positions to the figure 4 grappling/holding/locking technique within Traditional Kata and training routines, they have been there all the time, through time, at those 6 points in time. We are all carriers of the same information and how it’s transferred, packaged and delivered is different but the principles of combat form are generally similar if not the same.

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At whatever level of the practitioner or discipline we are all carriers of the same information waiting for a decoding in one shape or form or another. Just more reasons to go training I guess, and work on fact that we are all the same but different... I say again that it’s a very loose, simple and roundabout way of looking at it but I think it makes a good point... Please enjoy.

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