Beginner Package

Beginner Package

We aim to provide, at a reasonable cost, a beginner package for both adults and children which is available from all IMA member clubs. We like to keep the details of our beginner package as simple and as complete as possible to help towards encouraging commitment to training from the outset. IMA clubs and classes are open to everyone and aim never to discriminate on the grounds of age, ability, gender, religious beliefs or ethnic origin, welcoming new members from all walks of life, treating everyone equally and fairly. 

The beginner package contains everything a student will need to start and continue training; a new white Karate suit & belt with embroidered IMA logo badge, licence, registration, grading book, 12 months member to member insurance and 12 weeks training program which includes your 2 free introductory lessons. Application and registration forms are available in any of our classes once your 2 free introductory lessons have finished. The IMA would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors Profile Driving School for their continued support over the years helping to keep this beginners program available. Profile Driving School is a reputable driving school who has provided manual & automatic lessons for many IMA students, families and friends since 2002.
There is no obligation to purchase any beginner package as we also operate a pay as you go system in all classes once you have completed your introductory 2 free weeks training. The individual lesson cost for all classes junior or senior can be found on the current costs page along with further club discounts available.
Please note! If you have any existing injuries, illness or medical conditions we must advise you to consult your doctor/GP before taking up any new physical fitness or exercise program. Please make your instructor aware of anything they need to know regarding any personal health issues which may need to be taken into account before you begin training. Please contact us for any more information.

What is a Karate licence and registration?

Your IMA Karate Licence and Registration is confirmation of your identity and membership to your chosen club and to any affiliated association/s to which it belongs. It also acts as your receipt that you have paid your fee. All active participants including instructors must hold a valid licence. Your licence and registration is payable and renewed annually, please refer to our current costs page for more information. 


What is an IMA Karate suit?

Your IMA Karate suit is a plain white training suit and belt sporting no big patches, pictures or named sports goods advertising, only a small embroidered club badge, we prefer to just keep it simple and equal trying not to encourage the “I’ve got the new sportswear type of culture”. Your suit will provide comfort and ease of movement for the exercises which will take place in your class and also doubles up as a training aid for some elements and different areas of training. Sometimes students can feel more involved and committed, especially children, when they are wearing a Karate suit and feel that they don’t stand out so much in their class. 

What is a grading book?

Your IMA Grading book is a small booklet which contains your personal details such as your unique licence number, any relative medical details, record of your grade, training history, training courses attended, any referee qualifications and emergency contact details. You should look after this - it is your proof of all the hard work and time given to your training. 

What is member to member insurance?

Your IMA member to member insurance is simply how it reads, safeguarding against any serious injury whilst training with another IMA member or affiliated member. The insurance is activated once you have paid your registration fee and received your licence and comes in the form of a small certificate containing a number personal to the named individual and is valid for 12 months.
All active participants of most Martial Arts styles, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), boxing club etc must hold a valid licence/insurance suitable to that particular activity. All IMA students and instructors are required to keep their licence in date and renew them annually. All new students should have obtained their licence within the first month of training during their introductory period.
No student should train without a valid licence.


What is pay as you go training?

Pay as you go is exactly how it sounds and simply means that you just pay a single mat price per visit. Please ask in class for more information or refer to our current costs page regarding how much your lessons or equipment etc will cost with Independent Martial Arts or contact us.