Current Costs

IMA Home Dojo - Current Training Costs

We believe that being upfront with relative information, general costs and easy to understand policies along with a professional approach towards training are strengths of the IMA. We appreciate that this is important information and facts that people need and want to know to avoid any unexpected additional costs at a later date. All information found on this page refers directly to classes held at our central training facility (Home Dojo) at North Bridge Leisure Centre in Halifax, England.  We aim keep our information up-to-date however sometimes, as in all things, costs can be subject to change and we apologise in advance if you experience any future confusion or frustration regarding this matter. For more information regarding joining us as a beginner or costs please contact us.

Training costs for all IMA classes held at  Home (central) Dojo, North Bridge Leisure Centre, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX3 6TE, England;

1 Person Training 1 class per week
£28.00 per month
1 Person Training 2 or more classes per week      
£36.00 per month
2 Family Members (Mum/Dad/Brother/Sister) 1 Class per Week
£36.00 per month
2 Family Members (Mum/Dad/Brother/Sister) 2 or more Classes per Week         
£60.00 per month
3 or More Family Members (Mum/Dad/Brother/Sister) 1 Class per Week
£54.00 per month
3 or More Family Members (Mum/Dad/Brother/Sister) 2 Class per Week
£76.00 per month
Paying in Cash including Open Dojo 2 Hour Self Practice
£ 7.00 per visit
Paying in Cash per any Lesson     
£ 7.00 per visit
First  two weeks training adults or children             
IMA Standard Lightweight Junior Karate suits prices start from
IMA Standard Lightweight Adult Karate suit prices start from
IMA Martial Arts Licence / Registration / Member to Member Insurance
£35.00 per annum
IMA First Licence & Grade Record Book
Replacement Licence & Grade Record Book         
£ 7.00
IMA Grade Examination for Kyu Grades (coloured belt ranks) Includes training, Belt, Certification and grade registration

For advanced examinations, qualifications and Dan grade testing fees, these will be organised and given prior to the exam due.

Please Note! All training fees are paid on or collected on the 1st day or lesson of every month to cover that months training. There will be no refunds given for the month paid. Although cash and payments by cheque are accepted and appreciated we only view this as on a short term payment plan, bank transfer/standing order is our preferred policy for collecting training fees at the IMA central home dojo.

We understand that periodically some individuals may have to make different arrangements for paying training fees for many different reasons and circumstances, in these cases please speak to the Instructor to see if arrangements can be made to suit the individual circumstance.
The club occasionally closes for 1 or 2 weeks in the summer and at Christmas only if we cannot organise coaching cover for these 2 main holiday times in the year – this will always be compensated by the 5 week months throughout the calendar year.

Some of our member clubs are small community based groups who operate with funding, sponsorship and/or grants made available to them to help with their operating costs which in turn can bring down certain training costs for the student/s. Details of this will be highlighted directly on their own IMA club page, please click on the individual clubs pages to check for this information.

It is an instructor’s responsibility to keep all their students, assistants, guests and instructors in as safe and organised environment as possible and two important things which has to be continually maintained and managed is to control class numbers and to ensure everyone is licensed, registered and correctly insured at all times whilst active within any IMA classes. Thank you in anticipation on this matter as a student, parent or carer for respecting this, it is important for everyone’s welfare and safety. All IMA clubs support the complete beginner package. For further information regarding training with Independent Martial Arts or joining our beginner program in Halifax please contact us.