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Yearly Calender
Grading Application
Suit Order Form
Safety Equipment Order Form


IMA Grading Syllabus

9th Kyu - White to orange belt
8th Kyu - Orange to red belt
7th Kyu - Red to yellow belt
6th Kyu - Yellow to green belt
5th Kyu - Green to purple belt
4th Kyu - Purple to purple & white
3rd Kyu - Purple & white to brown
2nd Kyu - Brown to brown 1 strip
1st Kyu Part 1 - Brown 1 stripe, 1 tab
1st Kyu Part 2 - Brown 1 stripe, 2 tab
1st Kyu Part 3 - Brown 2 stripes
1st Dan (Shodan)
2nd Dan (Nidan)
3rd Dan (Sandan)
4th Dan (Yondan)
5th Dan (Godan)

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